In French, Years 3 and 4 have been learning the vocabulary for different animals, playing games such as bingo, guess my animal and using linguascope online. We have been thinking about what colours the animals are and have found out that the endings of most colours change if the animal is feminine. Everyone has joined in with great enthusiasm and we are all managing to have lots of fun via the computer!

Year 5 have started the term learning how to tell the time in French: “Quelle heure est-il?” It is harder to sing songs remotely as a class, but they have learned a little ditty to help them remember, along with how to say “hurry up!” (Dépêche-toi!)  They are learning how to count to 100, even 1000 in French and are enjoying playing “Loto!” We will soon be moving on to the topic of where we live: Où habites-tu? and describing our homes.

Year 6 have been learning how to say what buildings and shops are in a French town and where they would go to buy provisions.  We are learning about asking how to find places in town and how to understand and give directions, writing their own conversations on asking for directions in French.

Year 7 should be confident in saying how they like to spend their free time and what sport and music they enjoy and are or will be learning how to say what they will be doing in the near future as well as how to say what they have done (passé compose).  There is more emphasis on understanding and knowing how to conjugate verbs (linking to how they work in Latin) as well as regular vocabulary learning.

Year 8 are working hard on preparing for their various exams and have started the term on the topic of “santé” and how to explain to an imaginary doctor what is wrong with them, along with how to make healthy lifestyle choices.  They have learned the imperative, how to give instructions and are about to revise reflexive verbs and be able to describe their “routine quotidienne”.  Regular vocab learning is a must, particularly now!

Jane Austen

Head of French