In Life Skills this week, 6P created artistic versions of the letters making up the word AMBITIOUS! which was last week’s theme of the week. In English, we have been thinking about word classes and noting the difference between our ambitions (noun) and being ambitious (adjective and target for all Vinehall pupils).

Displayed here, you can see a beautifully verdant “A” from India A; an amazingly inventive tree linking arms with a rainbow leading to a pot of gold making an “M” by Rosie D; a seaside-themed “B” created by Elsie B using lentils for seaside shingle; an Eiffel Tower-shaped letter “I” by Sebastian; a rainbow water-coloured letter “T” by Clemence W (and a “tree” themed alternative letter “T” created by Isabel); a very artistic letter “I” by Zain; a fabulous waterslide-themed letter “O” by Elizabeth O; a colourful skateboarder on a letter “U” by Charlie P; and a rainbow a surf-themed letter “S” by Tallulah W. Albie G also created a beautifully coloured exclamation mark and Christopher N a smiley face to finish off our creative arts and crafts masterpiece.