It has been so pleasing to see the effort everyone has put into their home workouts over the last week.

Mr Atwood has been busy with his ‘wake and shake’ sessions in the Pre-Prep. He tells me he only ever has to do one take and no editing of his videos are required. I bet even Joe Wicks can’t say the same!!

The Prep started the term with an ‘around the world challenge’, with certain exercises equalling a certain mileage – eg 200 step-ups = 3,355 miles. 24,500 miles is roughly once around the globe and many of the pupils not only went around once, but two, three and some even four times.

The turnout for the live PE fitness sessions is fantastic and the pupils can be seen to really be working their socks off to improve their fitness levels. Keep up the good work everyone and I look forward to seeing you online next week!


Matt McKinnon