It has been very busy in the drama department since the beginning of term. I was pleased to record a story for Year 1 dressed in my favourite pirate outfit and accompanied by Flinty the parrot. The new Gappers had a baptism by fire when asked to come along to the Pre-Prep pirate ship to record ‘The Night Pirates’; I am hoping Year 1 will invite Captain Jill Sparrow to a Teams meeting soon to ask me some questions about my life on the open sea.

We have also enjoyed some Year 5 remote drama lessons, with a project on monologues. Both Finn and Tom gamely agreed to record a short piece to encourage the pupils and these can be seen on Youtube:

Tom as Veruca Salt from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Finn performing an extract from ‘One Man Two Governors’.

These two charming Gappers are going to be wonderful additions to the staff team and I am hoping to use their talents in support of future productions.

I think poor Joff struggled to concentrate on his very serious work during our lessons as there was so much noise and laughter coming through the wall. With the new timetable in place, Year 5 drama lessons have been sacrificed but I am very pleased that a number of children have signed up for an after-school club where we will continue to work on monologues, play drama games and have a virtual talent show. We had our first session on Tuesday and it was fantastic fun for me; I hope they enjoyed themselves as much!

The Year 4s have also been busy with drama; on Tuesday we had an introduction to the text for this term’s production, ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’, and auditions took place later in the week. The children seem to be filled with enthusiasm and now we just have the impossible task of casting before remote rehearsals start next week.

Mary Alderson