This has been an exciting week in the drama department.  After our technical rehearsals on Monday, getting to grips with the vagaries of sound and lighting (thank you to Darren Eglington and Tom Moore), Chris Towndrow visited on Tuesday to film the two Roald Dahl productions.

Performing to their bubble of friends and staff, first up were the Year 5 Twits, the small but very select group of Honor F, Lexi F, Isla Mc and Skye R.  They told the story of the captured monkeys’ clever plan to turn the evil Twits’ world upside down.  On stage throughout, the girls transformed effortlessly from storytellers to Mugglewumps, from roly-poly dancing birds to the disgusting Twits themselves.  The girls were totally immersed in the craziness and performed with enthusiasm and great skill.

Next came the Year 6 Witches.  Another ensemble piece, the children were amazingly versatile.  Albie G played the Boy/Mouse with great charm and Charlie P donned his padded bra again to become a wonderfully feisty old granny.  Sebastian B was a marvellously greedy Bruno and his horrible parents were played by Lucy P and Hannah Q.  Talulah W, as the Grand High Witch, was a terrifying and brilliant presence and Matilda S and Elizabeth O’S were hilarious as the whacky chefs.  Elizabeth H, Harry D and Clemence W were the very busy hotel staff and everyone rushed about changing into an array of costumes, bald caps and witchy wigs to tell this raucous adventure of the boy who saved England from the witches’ evil plan to turn all its children into mice!

Head of Art, Tracey Konyu, had painted the beautiful backdrop and our minibus driver, John Alderson, took the lovely photos.  The fantastic array of colourful props and fabulous costumes were conceived, sewn, built, bought, borrowed, altered, conjured up, designed and realised by the ever-gorgeous and wonderfully creative Kate Hunt.  My thanks to her, as always, are endless and heartfelt.

The school community will be able to admire the children’s achievements next week in class and the cast will have a DVD to remind them of this fun project.

To view the full Witches album please CLICK HERE

To view the full Twits album please CLICK HERE

Mary Alderson