Thankfully the days of ‘children should be seen and not heard’ are behind us and having the opportunity to listen to what children have to say about school and life in general is one of the great things about being a teacher. If children’s honesty, enthusiasm and untarnished views on matters could be bottled it would be a valuable commodity, particularly in these times.

As such, at Vinehall we like to listen to our pupils, not only in class and form discussion, but in all things to do with the school; including how it should be run.

There are five different committees in the school: Food, Academic, Eco, Charity and School Council. The first four have a particular focus, whereas the School Council occupies a position where it helps to draw together all of these different strands and endeavours to give an overview of pupil opinion and the direction in which the student body would like to move on a variety of different issues. All of these committees draw members from the Prep School and also Year 2 in the Pre-Prep. They are democratically-elected and all children have the opportunity to put themselves forward for whichever committee about which they feel most passionate.

Meetings are not as easy as they once were, sadly, due to the regulations we have to follow but a ‘rolling’ meeting structure was used for School Council this week and remote electronic meetings are planned for the other committees over the next fortnight.

We look forward to seeing how the committees’ ideas develop throughout the year. The views of the pupils seem to be in very safe hands.

Dom Britt