The results of the first Great House Maths Competition are in, with the race for 1st place continuing until the final day.  All week Aston were leading; however, in the final hour, Paxton swooped in, thanks to the Year 6 Paxton teams, to win with a fantastic 81.5 points.

Also within Maths week, Year 5 and 6 completed the Primary Maths challenge. The children had 45 minutes to tackle 25 problem-solving questions of increasing complexity.

Have a go at question 25 of last year’s challenge to see how you may have faired:

In Year 6 Gold certificates went to Alfie C and Lucy P and in Year 5 to Edward M, Isla M and Miles F.

In Year 6 Silver certificates went to Albie G, Harry D, Tallulah W, Clemence W, Hannah Q and Thomas S and in Year 5 to Max C, Kingsley N, Theo E and Ethan E.

In Year 6 Bronze certificates went to Christopher N, Isabel G, Poppy C, Elsie B, Rosie D and Charlie P; and in Year 5 to Joshua S, Yoshi C, Victor J, Arthur G, Joshua G, Isobel F and Theodora G.

Well done to the certificate recipients and to all the children who did brilliantly on some very challenging questions.  Years 7 and 8 will have their chance to take part in the Junior Maths Challenge in April and Years 3 and 4 take part in the First Maths Challenge in June, so much more problem-solving to look forward to during the year.

Alison Tripp