The whole of Year 8 led a moving Remembrance Service on Wednesday from the Chaplin Theatre, which commenced with Alex W’s beautiful rendition of Beethoven’s Apassionata. This set an appropriate tone for the service which was broadcast (via Microsoft Teams) to Years 3-7 who were watching, listening and singing from their form rooms and who were impressed by Year 8’s solemnity and maturity.

Pupils explained the meaning of Remembrance Day and then Mr Britt’s form recited Everyone Sang by Siegfried Sassoon and Mr Borrows’ form recited Remember Me by Christina Rossetti with equal beauty, gravitas and grace.

Alex played the piano for both of our hymns, I, the Lord of Sea and Sky by Daniel L Schutte and I vow to thee, my country by Sir Cecil Spring Rice.

We are grateful to Roger Walker, the School’s Bursar, for reading the Exhortation and leading the way for the Head of School (Honor F) and her Deputies (Clemmie D, Delilah G and Henry I) to lay the wreaths around the flagpole outside the Music Block, in accordance with Vinehall tradition and watched by their peers. (Later all the classes had the opportunity to visit the flagpole together to hold their own minute of silence.)

Mr Walker retired as a full Colonel having served for thirty years in the Army, including operational tours in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Macedonia/Kosovo and Afghanistan. (The following morning, all of our Year 7 and 8 pupils had the opportunity to hear about some of Mr Walker’s experiences in the armed forces, including his experience of the Cold War post-World War 2, humanitarian relief and peace-keeping in Bosnia, peace support operations in Kosovo and the global war on terrorism in Afghanistan).

Many thanks to Mr Powis, for leading the prayers and playing his trumpet; to Mrs Alderson, for helping to guide the Year 8s through the minefield of poetry recital; to Mrs Glossop for directing the musical content and to Mr Eglington, who had the very challenging task of cameraman.


When Mrs Everist asked her class afterwards if they wanted to say anything about the service, one of our Year 3 pupils, declared: “I really loved that – that was my first Remembrance service day. My last school didn’t have them.”

– Emily Platt