The school has had the hum of numbers resonating throughout this week, as we have been involved in reportedly the world’s largest Maths festival.  Children have started each day with puzzles and games in Form Time, like these Yohaku puzzles.  Have a go – they start quite easy but get much harder.

This year our big event has been our House Maths Competition, where each year group has had a contest involving a series of Maths problems and a lot of running to and from the marking stations. The energy level was high for all the year groups and the scores were neck and neck at the final count. The winning house will be announced next week. Congratulations to all the children who worked so well with their House members and with such enthusiasm.

Year 5 and 6 have also completed the Primary Maths challenge this week. This involves a range of problem-solving questions and puzzles that develop deeper thinking and application of knowledge. With the final few to complete it, the result will also be announced next week.

– Alison Tripp