Year 5 and Year 6 have made a fantastic start to STEM this year; they have approached every session with energy and enthusiasm.  Year 6 have been using eggs to create a range of builds to suit a specific purpose.  They started with a capsule which was dropped from the height of a second storey window.  They used different materials to provide the best protective barrier they could.  We then moved onto an egg tower using limited resources.  The key with this was balance as the children found out when trying to place the egg on top.  To finish off our eggs-cellent projects, the children have designed a crash test car using an egg as the passenger.  We will be building and testing these once we return from half term.  To get into the Halloween spirit the children found their messy sides by making slime.

The overarching theme of this term with Year 5 has been creating items that are waterproof.  We started by designing and making some very stylish recycled shoes.  We then tested them and gave them a rating for both their comfort and their waterproof ability.  The children had to consider structure and form when creating shoes which could be worn and removed just like normal shoes.  The Year 5s then took on the ultimate waterproof challenge by creating a bucket!  They had to use two different paper and tap types to create two buckets; they then passed water form one bucket to another to test for functionality and effectiveness.  A fantastic if not rather soggy start to STEM!

Louisa Bennett