The pupils have trained brilliantly over the past month and all the sports staff have been very pleased with their progress.  However, we do appreciate that without matches taking place many are missing the weekly competitive element.

It is for this reason we have decided to introduce the Vinehall 5s – an exciting inter-bubble competition!

What is it? 

It is a 5-a-side competition taking place within each bubble.  The competition will begin on our return after half term.

How will it work?

Boys and girls in each bubble will be split into teams.  The teams will train together on Tuesdays during their games sessions and then compete against the other teams in their bubble on Wednesdays (Year 5,6,7 & 8) and Thursdays (Year 3 & 4).  Scores will be kept and points awarded, with an overall team winner being announced just before the Christmas break.

What sports will be played?

We will play football, hockey, netball, touch rugby and different invasion/evasion type games, as well as having a team cross country and orienteering competition.  Each year group will take part in a different sport/event each week.

What equipment will my child need?

Please note that because we are bringing certain sports forward from when they would normally be played, your child will need the following from after half term:

  • Shin guards;
  • Hockey stick – please see the size chart overleaf;
  • Mouth guard – please note that I have a supply of Snap fit mouthguards. I can issue your son/daughter with one if necessary.  They cost £5, which will be added to your end of term bill. Please let me know if you would like one.  (Please note that the sports department will not be able to assist in moulding mouthguards as we have done in previous years);
  • Vinehall sports kit – they already have this!

I look forward to sharing the various bubble competition results with you in the run-up to Christmas.

– Matt McKinnon