Honor F and Clemmie D were both awarded Headmaster’s Commendations this week for an independent project they completed on the Black Lives Matter movement. The girls themselves explain below what inspired them to complete this work:

Hi, we’re Honor and Clemmie, two Year 8 pupils. Over the summer holidays and during the first half of term, we have been working on a project, researching the Black Lives Matter movement. We decided to do this because it is a very relevant topic that we believe more people need to get involved in. Spreading awareness is the first step to encouraging involvement and more impactful discussions. We really enjoyed finding out more about this subject, but it has also been an eye-opener to the injustices faced by people of colour every day.

Our project is split into five posters, each focussing on a different subject within the BLM movement. One is based on history, and concerns the slave trade, incarceration, and the Thirteenth Amendment. Another is about the arts and how they have been used as effective forms of protesting. Perhaps the most simplistic yet impactful poster is that which illustrates the tragedies suffered for many years at the hands of racism, by displaying the names of those lost to police brutality in the shape of a fist. The last poster is the title page. We hope you enjoy reading our project as much as we enjoyed working on it.