The French Department is alive and well this term! Bienvenue à Monsieur Britt who is teaching 7S. We have invested in a brand new course book, Dynamo, which is up to date and provides pupils with structured listening comprehensions, reading and writing tasks and grammar drills, along with the accompanying “cahier d’exercises”. Pupils in Years 6, 7 and 8 are enjoying the colourful books and modern approach.

Embracing the theme of “Arc-en-ciel” (Rainbow Day) last week, Year 8 created some imaginative calligrammes (beautiful writing), learning about their origin and how in 1918 the French poet, Guillaume Appollinaire, published a book of poems which did not look like poems, but which reflected the shape of the subject of the poem.
In a similar cross-curricular vein, Year 6 brought their study of similes in English poetry into their French lessons and read a poem entitled, “Les Couleurs”. They then used the framework to write their own versions:

“Si j’étais une couleur, je serais le vert
Vert comme les premières feuilles de printemps” wrote Elizabeth H


“Si j’étais une couleur, je serais le bleu
Bleu comme une plume de paon” wrote Rosie D

There were some beautiful illustrations and imaginative ideas from both year groups, some of which are on display in the Library and in Room 8. The pupils not only revised colours and nouns, but also some important word order grammar points and encountered a new tense (the conditional).

Year 5 are learning how to describe the weather and say when their birthdays are; they are moving on to introduce themselves, their families and pets.

Years 3 and 4 are in the capable hands of Madame Hawtin and have their French lessons in the De Beer Block. The Pre-Prep continue with me each Wednesday afternoon, singing action songs and learning outside when the weather permits.

We wish Year 8 “bonne chance et bon courage” as they revise over half term for their mock CE papers and scholarship exams. Little and often is the key to making learning a language fun, enjoyable and an immensely rewarding skill. There are many interactive websites to grab the children’s attention and the school has renewed its subscription to Linguascope which appeals to all age groups, from Years 1 and 2 to Year 8.

Bonnes vacances de Toussaint! Madame A