It was a great honour and joy for Joff Powis and Mary Alderson to judge the Finals of the 2020 Poetry by Heart on 5th October 2020.  It was also incredibly difficult to choose the winners, due to the wonderfully high standard of performance.

Joff and Mary were delighted to award the Year 2 acts joint first place; congratulations to Harry, Arthur, Rex, Alice and Teddy, who recited with such confidence and skill on the big Chaplin stage.

Harvey and Jamie took the Year 3 prize and Cecily was a very worthy and wonderful winner in Year 4.  From an incredibly strong field in the Middles (Years 5&6), Poppy was outstanding; and Francesca and Olivia stole the Seniors’ crown from their brilliant competition.  Each will receive an appropriate book of poetry; however, by reaching the finals, all our competitors were winners and each received a certificate and lovely bookmark.

Thank you to Emily Platt for organising the event so efficiently and to all the English teachers for supporting the pupils in selecting such a rich and varied body of wonderful poetry on the theme of dark and light.  Public speaking is a great Vinehall strength and it was amazing to see the talent on display; to marvel at the pupils’ creativity, expression, confidence and interpretation; and to encourage the pupils to explore the beauty of the spoken word.