After a long absence, we are dusting off the arty cobwebs and getting creative. We are excited to offer a range of topics and opportunities to experiment.

We are also excited to be able to offer the Year 8 pupils an introduction to the process of product design. The pupils have been given a brief, will be producing a sheet of preparatory sketches and then making their own unique product, whilst thinking about sustainability. To encourage extended productivity, we have asked the pupils to log onto Teams, under ‘Year 8 Product Design’. They will have the opportunity to upload their own ideas and share with others.

Year 7 have been busy developing their print skills and basing all their ideas on the cross-curricular topic of ‘Conflict’. This has been a time to experiment and not to know what the end product will look like.

There is a definitive line between digital art and traditional. At least, that is the perception. Year 5 are dispelling that myth and are moving between the two disciplines. The focus is to merge materials and techniques, so that all pupils will be able to transfer their skills from one medium to another with ease.

Year 4 have been tackling the rudimentary theory of colour. As with other subjects, it is very important to know the basics before launching into a more demanding topic. They have been inspired by the work of the abstract artist Sonia Delauney. With the frantic mixing, I am sure we have discovered some new colours along the way.

Getting used to the concept of experimentation again and mark-making techniques for Year 3 has been a positive learning curve. They have reacquainted themselves with the Art Room in the Prep school and have turned their marks into something beautiful, just like Van Gogh.

Finally, Year 2 have fought their way through the Amazon rainforest very creatively with their images, thinking about conservation while they work. They have been experimenting with colour and light, imagining themselves in a forest environment and reacting to the sounds. What we sense around us affects the kind of art we produce. However, the squealing monkey was not to everyone’s taste!

Tracey Konyu, Head of Art