PE & Games
I cannot believe we have been back for a month. It has been wonderful to see the boys and girls out on the sports pitches using the fantastic facilities on offer.

The Year 3 and 4 girls have been hard at work on the netball courts, with a focus on shooting and footwork. The girls in Year 5-8 are playing hockey, making notable improvements with their stick skills on what was a very hot astro for the first few weeks of term.

The boys have shown a great work ethic on the football pitch. Working on individual skills and playing a number of small-sided games, they are starting to play with more skill and control.
With fixtures currently unable to take place, we have used the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday games sessions to combine the boys and girls in their bubbles. The football and touch rugby skills shown by the girls have been incredible and l cannot wait to see the boys have a go at netball over the next few weeks. We are looking to create a team and league system within each bubble, with the action starting after half term. More details to follow!

The focus in PE this term is athletic development and fitness. There has been a marked improvement in everyone’s fitness over the last month; this is an area we will continue to work on for a good few more weeks!

Mrs Walker and Mr Guy have been taking the pupils for a swimming lesson each week. Although on dry land, pool safety and stroke technique have been covered and will continue until the pool reopens.

Mrs Towner and Mr Atwood have been very impressed with the effort shown by the Pre-Prep. Although still following the ball like a flock of sheep, Mr Atwood tells me that the games they play do occasionally resemble a football match, and what they currently lack in spatial awareness they make up for with masses of enthusiasm!

Kit does occasionally go missing. Please could all games kit, no matter the item, be clearly labelled, so it can be returned to the rightful owner as soon as possible.

I do hope that the next time you hear from me it will be to tell you that fixtures will be returning; until then rest assured your sons and daughters are exercising and competing at a variety of sports every day of the week.

– Matt McKinnon