This year, Dyslexia Awareness Week is all about looking at the power of dyslexia to create ideas, for organisations and in society, and the invaluable contribution this makes to the UK.

Dyslexia creates artists, entrepreneurs and game changers, but we know that it also creates challenges, inequality and prejudice. That is why, throughout the week, we will be taking time for pupils and staff to come together to learn about dyslexia and the positive impact it creates.  This theme will enable us to raise awareness and explore best practice in dyslexia support to empower individuals to achieve their potential.

Ten to 15% of the UK population have dyslexia, more than 9 million people.  Dyslexic pupils span every ability level and every culture and are as individual and varied in their interests as their neurotypical classmates.  Not everyone’s dyslexia is the same; it affects people in different ways.  It is a combination of abilities and difficulties.  Many people with dyslexia have some great strengths, including creativity and problem solving.

Some jobs are known to have far higher numbers of dyslexics; these include creative activities such as acting, the arts, mechanics, architecture, computer design (especially games) and engineering.  Dyslexics can display a combination of abilities and difficulties; strengths are also a huge part of dyslexia, with abilities such as creative ideas, problem-solving skills and new ideas about how to do things. Lots of inventors and entrepreneurs are dyslexic.

For more information and to attend a future parent event, please contact Ms Karen Betts – Head of Learning Support.