Science Update

Despite the restrictions, science at Vinehall is progressing apace.  We have welcomed several new scientists, who have had their first experiences of working in laboratories rather than adapted classrooms.  The new protocols for safe working practices due to COVID have taken some getting used to, but we are adaptable and the curriculum stops for nobody and nothing!

Year 8 have been completing their studies of the effects of forces, particularly turning forces; levers as either force or distance multipliers, and pressure and density in liquids and gases.  We will then embark on a study of the interactions between different living things and living things and their environment.  Year 7 have just finished their study of reproduction in humans (as being representative of the biological class mammals) and will extend this to the study of plant reproduction and survival strategies.

Year 6 are currently studying light and its properties, including reflection (specular and diffuse), refraction and dispersion at the interfaces between transparent materials.  In the coming weeks they will learn how to use the Bunsen burner safely and will do the test for their Bunsen burner licence.  Year 5 have been making mobiles to show the order of the planets of the solar system and Year 4 are studying sound, introducing it by going on a ‘sound walk’ around the school.

– Phil Smith