I am delighted to announce that I have nominated Umi and David as Boarding Prefects and Joff Powis has duly elected them for this great honour.  They have been so helpful and kind in the boarding house, embracing the school moto ‘To do our best for the benefit of others’.

We have had a great week in the boarding house; everyone has settled in very well and any homesickness is now a thing of the past.

Last Saturday we took the children to Rye Water Sports, where they had the use of either kayaks or a paddle boards.  One advantage of having such a small group is that I can take part in the activities.  Paddle boarding is now my new favourite activity; so much so that I am trying to persuade Mr Coles that we need to own one!  It was a lovely afternoon, not too hot but hot enough for the children to jump in and out of the water and have fun.

Saturday evening was spent in our usual way, with our very own tuck shop and movie.  The children have decided to watch every single Harry Potter film this term; so far they are on No. 2.

After our PJ breakfast on Sunday morning we went to Chapel, where Mr Powis talked about being kind and considerate.

Carlos and Javier went fishing with Mr Powis and caught a large Carp in the pond – very impressive!

The children spent the rest of the morning on music practice and prep.  In the afternoon I took the girls to the beach and Mr Coles and Miss Otway entertained the boys playing golf and riding bikes.

A perfect Vinehall boarding weekend.