Year 3 stepped back to the 11th century this week when they designed their own coat of arms for a shield which they then painted. Some chose to adorn them with jewels, others not. Mrs E loves the photos!

In English the children have begun to compose their own story based on ‘I’ll take you to Mrs Cole’ by Michael Foreman. Focus has been on interesting adjectives and correctly formed beautiful cursive script. They know that they need to keep practising, like Terry Tortoise!

Science was spent creating an Eatwell Plate; hopefully this will encourage them to check that they all have colour and variety of food types on their real plate at mealtimes.

Mathematicians make mistakes, and we have had some excellent ones this week! Counting in fifties and comparing numbers has sparked off lots of discussion and we have had several ‘clever days’, where they have come up with more than two ways to solve a problem – great thinking, 3E!