“Don’t gobblefunk around with words,” the BFG tells Sophie. Roald Dahl, the author of the BFG, gobblefunked better than anyone, inventing over 500 words and character names in his books. His books (hilarious, irreverent and often downright rude) have sold more than 250 million copies worldwide.

As a child, I devoured Roald Dahl’s books like snozzcumbers. This week, I told 6P about the time when I was so absorbed reading The Twits at a friend’s house that I ignored her for the rest of the afternoon! She was not impressed.

Sunday 13th September was Roald Dahl Day and to mark the occasion in the English department, our Prep school pupils have risen to the challenge very enthusiastically, producing poems, posters, cakes, 3D art and visually stunning PowerPoint presentations, earning Good Copies for their Houses and the awe and admiration of their classmates and teachers.

There are too many to name (and the contributions are still rolling in!) but some highlights from Years 6-8 include:

Poppy C (6M) who was quick off the mark baking a beautiful Matilda cake in the shape of a book, while Isla H (6M) produced a fabulous James & the Giant Peach Cake.

Sofia E (8PB) who put together an impressively elaborate shoebox scene for Fantastic Mr Fox showing cardboard cut-out figures below and a bonsai tree above!

Arthur P (7S) who created an incredible “Wanted” poster with a 3D origami-type model of Fantastic Mr Fox‘s head and Rosie D (6P) and Clara Foley (7S) also created a fabulous Fantastic Mr Fox shoe box scenes (Clara’s was inventively made out of a football chopped in half!)

George S (8DB) who created a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory scene which included a chocolate button-studded Oompa Loompa dragon boat emerging from a tunnel styled to look like a Golden Ticket – highly original and imaginative.

Albie G (6P) also created a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory scene, complete with chocolate waterfall and Augustus Gloop drowning in the chocolate river.

Chaya L (8PB) created two bottles of mysterious medicine in the style of George’s Marvellous Medicine, while Olivia H (8PB) created a shoebox scene with George creating potions for Grandma!

India A (6P) created a very clever shoe box scene with Fantastic Mr Fox as a marionette puppet and Grace W (7S) made a superb piece of 3D art with the oak tree and Farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean above and Mr Fox and his family in their den below.

Many pupils made visually stunning PowerPoints about either Roald Dahl or Quentin Blake – Clemmie Dawson also contributed a genuine ‘Wonka bar,’ and a ‘snozzcumber’ for our Roald Dahl display which her family grew in their garden (actually an oversized marrow!)

Isabelle H (8DB), Daisy F (8PB), Ottoline G (8DB), Delilah G (8DB), Rory R (8DB), Imogen P-W (7S), Polly S (7S) and Elizabeth O (6P) among others created excellent posters and pictures.

Freddie F (4B) created an amazing underground scene of Mr Fox’s home and Monty P (4B) put together a wonderful PowerPoint all about Roald Dahl, which he presented to the class.

Elsie B (6P) created a superb shoebox scene for the BFG, while Scarlett R (7A) made a dream jar of Sophie’s dream. Elsie B also wrote an excellent poem in Roald Dahl style, titled “Children”.

Can you guess the ‘voice’ behind each stanza in Elsie’s poem? Answers below, in tiny font!

Never underestimate children

We have a lot to say

We might be small but we’re mighty

and we’ll rule this world one day.


I like children for breakfast,

I like children for lunch,

I like children for dinner,

especially those that crunch!


Children are full of horrible nits

And cut their food up into silly little bits.

I don’t know how people can stand them,

If I was Prime Minister I’d ban them!


Chidlers are small human beans,

I make them scrumdiddlyumptious dreams.

Human beans taste like strawbunkles and cream…


But not for me.

ANSWERS: Stanza 1 – Matilda / Stanza 2 – The Witches / Stanza 3 – The Twits / Stanza 4 – The BFG

– Emily Platt, Head of English


We  welcome to Ally Linney to Vinehall

Ally tells us below how the Year 4s and 5s embraced Roald Dahl Day.

A little bit of magic can take you a long way! 

Well the Year 4 and Year 5 pupils most certainly brought a little magic into our classrooms this week. We were dazzled by delicately placed 3D models of Danny’s caravan. We were tempted by artwork featuring Mr Wonka and Charlie’s chocolate.  We were wary of the cunningly realist artwork of Fantastic Foxes. Our minds shone like sunbeams as we learnt incredible facts from informative PowerPoints. We were inspired by the authors who wrote diddly poems and tales (that is to say they were truly individual and distinct). Altogether, we were carried away with zozimus (what dreams are made of, of course!) as the English Prep from these talented human beans demonstrated fantastic efforts and inspired our imaginations. After all, ‘We’re all different but there’s something kind of fantastic about that, isn’t there?’

– Ally Linney, Year 4 & 5 teacher, English department

The Fantabulous 6s, 7s and 8s