If all was as normal Saturday 20th June 2020 would have seen the school compete for the House athletics shield, a highlight of the school year.

Unfortunately, this was not to be and instead the pupils were given the task of competing in the very first Virtual Sports Day.

There were six events: the standing Long Jump, 5m Shuttle Run, Star Jumps, Frying Pan Keepie Uppies, Under and Over and the Speed Bounce, tasks chosen so that everyone could compete at home.

It was wonderful to see the videos and photos from Reception to Year 8, with some amazing distances run and jumped. There was also a bonus challenge where a point was awarded for every kilometer walked, run or cycled in the week leading up to the 20th June. It was incredible to see the distances covered, some doing over 25km at a time.

With five points being awarded for every completed scoresheet returned and all the extra kilometres covered it took a while to add up the scores. In a tight contest the bonus challenge made all the difference, with Saxton being crowned the inaugural Virtual Sports Day Champions! Well done Saxton!

Overall results:

  1. Saxton
  2. Ashton
  3. Paxton
  4. Rushton