This week marks the finals of the Cookery Challenge for the Year 8s – a surprising and spectacular Post-CE activity where pupils researched, cooked and baked dishes in their own homes and reported back to Mrs Platt on their progress. In Week 1, the theme was chocolate, Week 2 was fruit and the final week was spice!

Each pupil who participated by making a dish received a Good Copy for their efforts. I hope that parents were able to benefit from this Cookery experience by tasting the fruits of their children’s labours!

The finalists were (in alphabetical order): Willow A (with white chocolate strawberry cheesecake), Norman B (with strawberry cheesecake and chocolate marble cake), Billy C (with strawberry cheesecake), Margot F (with apple strudel), Noah G (with millionaire’s shortbread and pizza in separate categories), Mary K-B (with cheesecake brownies and strawberry roulade), Seb P (with chocolate fondant and lemon meringue pie) and Curtis Y (with his peach dessert).

Unfortunately, the Cookery Competition judges (Annabel Newcomb, Emily Platt and Liz and Joff Powis) were unable to sample the spectacular dishes created but all were impressed by the standard of our very talented and competitive Year 8 cooks.

The top three winners in the first category, “Best-Looking Dish” were: Billy 1st prize (Miss Newcomb particularly liked the contrasting colours in his strawberry cheesecake);  2nd Norman B (Miss Newcomb was impressed by the use of the ring mould and the marbling effect in Norman’s chocolate marble cake) and 3rd prize went to Noah, for the excellent feathering in his millionaire’s shortbread!

In category 2 (“Most innovative dish”), Margot F won 1st prize for her innovative apple strudel (“made with whatever I could find in the cupboards”) and Curtis Y won 2nd prize for his peach & nut dessert.

In the third and final category, the prestigious “Most Cheffy dish”, Mr and Mrs Powis had a difficult decision but their final choices were Willow A, in 1st place with her spectacular strawberry cheesecake; Norman B, in 2nd place with an equally stunning strawberry cheesecake and Sebastian P with his very cheffy chocolate fondant.

Mrs Powis said: “What an absolutely amazing array of mouth-wateringly delicious dishes! The Year 8 Cookery competition was literally a feast for the eyes and a very hard one to judge as we were not able to taste the masterpieces on display. Choosing between them all was tough as it is quite apparent that we have some future Master Chefs in our midst; however, after much deliberation, Mr Powis and I managed to pick our three “most cheffy” dishes. A huge well done to all the Year 8 children who got involved and put so much hard work and effort into their culinary masterpieces and a big thank you to Mrs Platt for organising this wonderful challenge.

Emily Platt