As part of the post-CE programme, Year 8s were invited to get ready for some VLC (Vinehall Lockdown Cookery) and to rise to a remote cookery challenge. This week has been chocolate week and the pupils have been making some mouth-watering treats.

Billy M and Billy C were hot off the mark, getting going with their recipes on Day 1 (before the course had even begun!) Their chocolate crispy cakes are pictured together with Mrs Platt’s. (This was the recommended recipe for absolute beginners, as per Mrs Platt’s PowerPoint with how-to video).

Billy M and Billy C’s efforts were soon outstripped by others, including Seb P, who made a delicious looking chocolate fondant (from the Nigella recipe, pictured) and Noah G’s millionaire’s shortbread, which looks divine.


Curtis Y also made chocolate crispy cakes and managed to take a photo of the last one before it was gobbled up and George S made some tasty looking chocolate cookies. Tom S and Boude I decided to get ahead and made lemon drizzle cake in line with next week’s theme (fruit!)

Well done Year 8 (and well done to all parents for letting your children wreak havoc in the kitchen – I hope they are washing up!)

Mrs Powis (who is one of our judges for the competition) has shared her chocolate torte recipe with us (see at the bottom of this page) – this comes highly recommended by Henry P (in my form) who assures me that it is delicious. Mrs Powis tells me it is simple to make.

Year 8s, remember to email photos of your creations with a picture of you making your dish to (all efforts will receive a house point). I look forward to seeing more of your fruit-themed (and other) efforts next week!

If you wish to submit your dish as an entry into a category of the Cookery Competition, please see full details in the PowerPoint in the Cookery folder in the Year 8 Post-CE Team (in Files/Class Materials) and just let me know when you email through pictures of you and your dish.

Emily Platt