On a personal note, I am not really enjoying home learning. I miss all the people and the feedback from the children. However, when something goes well on line it is very rewarding. 4B joined in with part of the World Ocean Day activities on Monday. It was challenging to get everyone in the right place at the right time, but those that managed it really enjoyed it. It made me see the wealth of all those extra things we do at school, like fire pit days, sports fixtures, music concerts and trips out of school. Just being away from the norm was invigorating! I have challenged the children to think of something that is made of plastic that their families could stop using. It is difficult. Since I have been at home so much more and buying far more food, I am horrified by the plastic that comes through my house, but I just can’t see how to stop it. A big challenge for us all, I think. If your family can think of something, let me know and I will encourage and reward those that do. Every little helps! I have already inspired the McLeods who are now going to buy loose tea as most tea bags have plastic in them.

I have put some pictures up of the Hammerhead sharks we made and a great screen shot from Joshua G as it looks like I am about to be eaten by a giant squid! I don’t usually wear a sun hat to my lessons. We also took part in some yoga and went virtual rock pooling.

On another note, as a teacher, you know you have made an impact when a child leaves your lesson and talks about it with their family. Year 5 are learning about the life cycle of a human. I spent a delightful hour with a few of them chatting whilst they worked. Harriet W showed us the scan photo of Hector, the latest addition to their family. This got everyone talking. I then had a very distraught Albie’s mum in the background rummaging for several files in a filing cabinet, ‘Thanks Mrs Barrett they all want to see their scan photos now!!’  She was loving it really and so was Albie. I felt very rewarded and pleased that I had given several households an interest for the afternoon and I am still chuckling to myself now, thinking of Mrs G; and Milo, who quite rightly thought a foetus looks like an alien!

The Lizard

Year 4 are classifying animals as part of their science. They were chatting about how hard it was to draw a reptile. The next thing we know Arthur’s mummy appeared with his big brother’s real bearded dragon! I think I was more excited than the children.

The Kestrel

Theodora’s family have been watching their nesting box which is home to a pair of Kestrels with three young. Theodora has been keeping us informed of their progress. Also this week we finally watched Grace’s cuckoo pop out of its clock. Year 4 have heard it many times and so Grace timed an online visit to coincide with the cuckoo popping out; wonderful!

Louise Barrett