I am constantly impressed by my form (and their parents!) and this week they have risen to every challenge as usual.

It has been fantastic to see Issy, Zara and Archie all completing a Unite Challenge for charity – perhaps they were inspired by the staff one! Well done, you three.

In Maths we are exploring fractions, adding and subtracting them as well as discovering what ‘equivalence’ actually means.

Mr Butcher will be pleased to hear that in our Learning Journey topic the children are discovering how to navigate their way around an atlas; this also links to our English topic. Children are reading and comparing the lives of others around the world in an E-book online, before completing a variety of tasks.

Science has been super as always; the photos show some detailed observational drawings and paintings, together with models of flowers. Oh, and of course we listened to Sir David Attenborough (one of my heroes) explaining how bees do a Waggle Dance to show each other the way to the best nectar. Then we waggled along to the Flight of the Bumble Bee by Rimsky-Korsakov – see Matilda and Frankie doing this in their socially distanced picnic!

I love Year 3!