The photos speak for themselves! Year 3 have astounded Mrs E yet again with their enthusiasm for learning. Thank you so much to all the amazing parents who are helping Mrs E and our children too!

Learning Journey – we have explored more about Evolution, finding out about Charles Darwin. The children have created and drawn their own Tree of Life, having listened to Sir David Attenborough. Just like us having to adapt to remote teaching and learning, they have discovered how peppered moths have evolved and adapted to an ever-changing environment in order to survive.

Maths – I have been proud of their resilience (like Terry Tortoise!) while I have helped them to challenge themselves through thinking why and how we can solve word problems by using bar models to visualise which operation to use. As I saiy to 3E – I love bar models! The children have enjoyed investigating capacity, as well as improving their times tables by keeping up with the daily grids set by Mr Borrows!

Science – more bean seedlings have now been planted outside and 3E have played the fun ‘Fruit or Veg?’ game (see Issy in the photos!). Even though Mrs E’s celery investigation did not work (it never does!), Frankie and Archie saved the day as you can see and proved that the xylem tubes transport water.

Thank you too to Mrs Lomas for spending many hours giving valuable feedback to 3E from their reading and comprehension answers on Bug Club, and for hearing the children read individually this week.

I am also thrilled that so many Year 3s are now doing their UNITE challenges to raise money for the charities our four Houses support. Remember, every little helps! Mrs Payne will be so pleased with us!