Lexi F – for her sponsored event she is doing laps of the garden; for every 10 she does she gets a pound. So far she has done 106 laps.

Ryleigh F is doing a sponsored climbing her stairs. For every ten climbs she earns £1.

Freddie and Daisy F – Freddie signed up for a Swimathon to raise money for Ashton’s charity. He completed 32 lengths (of a small pool!) and was sponsored 50p a length – he raised £80. Daisy made sushi as a Masterchef challenge 😋 She also walked along the steam railway line to Northiam (5.6 miles).  She has raised £20 – so that is £100 for Hospice in the Weald.

Elizabeth G has opted for a doodle-a-thon. She has a colouring book that when fully opened out is 4m long. She’ll be sponsored per page completed. She would like to donate half the money she raises to her own chosen charities and half the money to the school’s charities.

Zain J is still ‘rowing’ to Vinehall and is picking up pace towards his goal! Go Zain!

Molly has made over 30 cards and has orders for more so is well on her way to making her £100 goal.

Tom G has raised £52 for his 400m run; his challenge was to take 10seconds off his first timed lap, which was back in the Easter holidays and he did it yesterday!  1 min 42 seconds🤩 Tom’s working on the Axe Challenge too – 5 in a row seems impossible at the moment but he is trying hard and stands to raise another £52.  If anyone at school would like to sponsor him that would be amazing.

Matilda B has completed her sponsored laps around the garden for Hospice in the Weald.  She completed 50 laps and raised £50.

Archie M is doing a sponsored row around his fishing lake.

Frankie F is going to get up early for the next five days and make everybody in the house a cup of tea and bring it to their bedroom. Once they have got up she’ll make their beds for a fee of £1 per person per day. All going well £20 for Saxton’s charity!

Issy DD is doing a puzzle marathon! She is going to see how many she can do in one hour!

Lots of staff have been putting together a Unite video … watch this space!