With the restrictions about exercise being relaxed, it gives us all a good opportunity to get out and about and enjoy the wonderful countryside on our doorsteps. Perhaps you and your families could incorporate a bit of Geography into your daily walks, runs, rides, hacks and exercise by referring to a map and plan a route together. This will certainly improve map skills and help to put purpose to the daily plod.

My wife and I have been out walking almost every day and we have discovered some wonderful paths in the local fields and woods. We have enjoyed seeing the lambs getting bigger each week in the fields.  We are keeping a watch over a pond of tadpoles and seeing them develop.  We have become quite keen bird watchers and have seen buzzards, kites and even a stork! The bluebells have been stunning this year and now the wild garlic is taking over. We are lucky to live in this area.

There have been a few occasions when I have had to refer to the map to check we were on the right path to avoid a grumpy looking farmer and a bull, but the OS App on my phone has helped put us right. A planned route using a map is a good use of your children’s OS map skills.

A brief summary of our remote learning by year group:

Year 8 have had three topics to revise – Location knowledge, OS Maps and Rivers.

Year 6 have been doing studies about early settlements and this week they have to research about a city of their choice.

Year 5 have been learning their locations and this week made a globe!

My IT skills are still tentative but improving to the stage where I have felt confident enough to make short video clips to introduce weekly assignments. (Old dog, new tricks!)

Nick Butcher