It wouldn’t be a match report if we didn’t mention the weather. The good thing about virtual cricket is matches cannot be cancelled and the video clips were made in glorious sunshine. Unlike this Wednesday’s weather, when it would be an actual match day at school and what did we have … rain! Typical!

After weeks of not playing any team sport and devouring chocolate over the Easter break (the latter might just be me), cricket season needed to start. The girls dusted down their trainers, dug out their kit and it was time to play virtual cricket.

Vinehall won the toss and fielded first. I couldn’t ask for a slicker performance from the team. Following the school theme of the week, they united, working together to move the ball swiftly; considering the ball had to be thrown between Sussex and Kent, and at one point from Cyprus, they did this effortlessly. This resulted in throwing the ball accurately at the stumps to get the opposition out. They got their barriers down to stop the ball going past and some great catches were made. The bowling was another level: fast, controlled and accurate to take wicket after wicket.

Before they knew it, the opposition was all out and it was time for the Vinehall girls to bat. The girls knew they had performed well in the fielding, but they remained focused on the task in hand. They were superb; every player was scoring 6s. It went miles over the boundary and high into the trees. It was fantastic to watch and I had the best seat in the house as the umpire. I had to put my sunglasses on because I had to look up into the sky so often and the sun was shining bright on us.

I was sad to see the match come to an end. It was a confident win and, after the traditional three cheers, the girls were famished. They thoroughly enjoyed their well-earned match tea and the parents enjoyed theirs.

I would like to acknowledge the amazing spectators who supported the team. The sheep and the horses were very well behaved and baaed and neighed appropriately throughout to cheer the girls on.

Thank you to all the parents and girls for stepping up to this fun challenge and making the virtual cricket match happen. Stay safe and I hope to see everyone soon.

Mrs Percy-White

You can watch the video below or download here