We have all approached the challenge of Remote Learning very enthusiastically in Reception.  Mrs Garwood and Mrs Parkin are delighted by the fantastic work that we are seeing on our 1:1 calls and work being uploaded and sent in.

This week the children have responded to our Big Book ‘The Naughty Bus’ with wonderful stories and movies of their own. We have had stories about ‘Monster Truck and the Crane’, ‘The Good Little Bulldozer’, ‘The Silly Quad Bike’, ‘Sunny the Sunshine Car’, ‘Casper the Spitfire’ and ‘Airy the Plane’ to name just a few and with still more ideas coming in.

We have had reports of our seeds all being planted and the children taking care of them and giving them what they need to grow.  We are keeping up with our phonics groups and continuing to count, focusing on our teen numbers especially this week.  Speedy the Bin Truck has been to the beach and we are helping him to do some recycling, even though baby Jackson had different ideas!  We are all exhausted now and need the weekend to recharge and go again on Monday.