It has been wonderful to receive a steady stream of feedback from our families, providing snapshots into the lives of our children as they get to grips with remote learning, being at home and just adjusting to this new situation that we all find ourselves in.

Our nursery children have been encouraged to try some of these below ideas, which takes into account the fact all our children are unique and at different development stages.

  • Colour sorting and recognition.
  • Mixing primary colours.
  • Ordering and sequencing.
  • Which phonic sounds does each colour begin with?
  • Use words to describe the shape and talk about left to right movements.
  • Using coloured scarves to create larger shapes in the garden.
  • Experimenting with food colouring and talking about light and dark.
  • Ask your child “What would there be at the end of their rainbow?” Record this by drawing and encouraging ‘writing’ and ‘labelling’.
  • Finger painting.
  • Make your own natural paint from flowers/leaves in the garden.
  • Make your own play dough and add colours.
  • Look at the flowers in the garden, colour match, count, sort and match quantity to number.
  • Ask your child “What is their favourite colour and why?” Go on a colour hunt around the house and garden.

Here are a few pictures of our Little Vines getting stuck into remote learning, while also enjoying the Spring weather!