What an action-packed day!

First came maths – division.  The children worked collaboratively, sharing and finding groups of counters and, as an incentive, also used (and ate) chocolate fingers!

In English they imagined they were Horemheb, leader of the Egyptian army back in the time of Tutankhamen. They wrote an informal letter to Ay, one of Tut’s advisers, trying to arrange a meeting to take the throne from Tutankhamen. Mrs E dyed paper with coffee and burnt the edges to give it a realistic look and she was impressed with the concentration in the room as they copied their letters.

After break the Juniors had a visit from Ken Brooks, a local enthusiast and expert on a number of things. Today’s illustrated talk was all about rocks and fossils, with particular reference to local geology. Mrs Barrett and Mrs E were both pleased with the way the children listened and asked relevant questions. They handled types of igneous and sedimentary rock and learnt about the formation, before finding out about different types of erosion.

In the afternoon Year 3 built model shadufs and tested them out in the ‘Nile’ (aka the De Beer pond!)  Teamwork was needed to construct the models.  Bertie M earned a Terry Tortoise sticker for his determination to get his shaduf to work.

After discussing ‘temptation’ with relevance to Jesus and Satan in RS, we ended the day with Beaver Towers!  So exciting because there are only two chapters left to the end!

Carina Everist