Year 6 hosted Vinehall’s first STEM Fair on Tuesday; they shared their independent projects with the other children and delivered a range of engaging activities.  Over the last term Year 6 have been researching and developing an independent project that highlights a real world issue.  The children all chose very different areas – from recycling to tsunami houses. Throughout the projects we have been promoting independence and problem-solving; some projects found hurdles early on but remained calm and worked around the issue.

Last year the children went to the South of England STEM Fair in Ardingly and were inspired by the experience.  They approached our Fair with the same energy and enthusiasm.  Years 3-7 were invited to visit the Fair and the Year 6 communicated their process and ideas so clearly to the other children, they should all feel an enormous sense of pride.  The other children wandered around to discuss the projects and explore the corresponding activities that the Year 6s created; for example one group’s transferrable flood barrier had a mini dam activity.

Below is a list of the Independent Projects:

  • Meteorite houses
  • Save the Bees
  • Portable flood barrier
  • Low cost water collection system
  • Tsunami houses
  • Effect of drinks on teeth
  • Eruption Ratios
  • Raspberry Pi car with video stream
  • Recycling at Vinehall
  • Climate based houses
  • Wild fire barrier
  • Strongest shape for houses
  • Micro plastic filter

For the Flickr photo album please click here