Pre-Prep started World Book Day by listening to a story from Mrs Alderson, disguised as a shark with gleaming white teeth! The children were enthusiastic and proudly strolled back to their classrooms in their costumes. Nursery shared their favourite stories and then created their own books. Kindergarten explored the story boxes and saw what hidden treasures lay in each box. Reception wrote letters to Little Red Riding Hood’s granny and created woven baskets in which to take their goods to Grandma. Year 1 read Handa’s Surprise and tried the different fruits that are in the book; they then created adjective bubbles using their senses. Books were closely inspected in Year 2 and the pupils created their own blurb for their favourite books.

To end such a wonderful day, all of Pre-Prep gathered in the hall to share books with each other. This was a lovely moment, with the oldest in Pre-Prep reading to the youngest. Throughout Pre-Prep the children’s and teachers’ love of books can be seen and heard every day but World Book Day has been a fantastic opportunity to discuss all of the amazing things the children think and feel about books.

The Prep School celebrated books throughout English lessons, sharing their favourite books, discovering new stories or simply taking time to read – a balm in the busy school day. All classes had spent the days before World Book Day drawing their favourite scenes from books they have read. These were stuck on the doors of the English classrooms, demonstrating how walking into an English classroom, or walking into a book (metaphorically, of course!), is walking into other worlds full of adventure and excitement.  It was amazing what the children came up with, and you can have some fun looking at the photos of the doors and working out which books the scenes come from.  In addition, Year 5 performed short drama sketches of their favourite scenes, most of which, funnily enough, were from Roald Dahl books.

Year 4 loved making posters for our doors on World Book Day.  They were totally absorbed in their creations.  Dr K then visited and read some of Beowulf in old English!

Year 3 were so excited about picking a favourite story or book and illustrating it on World Book Day this week.  Mrs E was delighted to hear them all chatting in an animated way about the plot and characters in their chosen text.  They also enjoyed the poem by Jane Baskwill, ‘Open a book’.

Thank you to Miss Roberts for giving us all the idea of decorating our English room doors like this!

For the Pre-Prep World Book Day photos please click here