Once again, the three subject areas of ICT, Art and DT have joined forces to create a new project to inspire pupils to explore new ideas whilst encouraging them to develop their independent learning skills.


The pupils have been editing different sounds on the computer.  Using a mini computer called ‘Makey Makey’, the pupils have programmed and connected these sounds to their artwork.  This has enabled the artwork to become interactive and it will make a different sound when touched.


The pupils have designed their mechanically themed artworks, based on the art movements of Vorticism, Futurism and Cubism.  Their brief was to draw and paint, using inanimate objects as their starting point.  Their work evokes a feeling of movement by the repetition and overlapping of their initial design. The images have added graphite and/or copper strips positioned at the edge of the work to enable the ‘Makey Makey’ device to make contact and thus create a sound when the artwork is touched and an electrical circuit. The frames, made in DT, are then being painted by extending the design from the artwork.


The children have been introduced to mitre joints in the construction of picture frames to adorn their moving artworks. They have ensured that they have accurately measured their work to create a seamless join.  Unlike a conventional frame, they have needed to add four pieces of wood to the back of their frames to raise the level at which the frame sits. This is so the ‘Makey Makey’ clips can grip the artwork only and be hidden under the frame.