Pre-Prep was full of excitement this morning when our children received a visit from Battle firefighters, Ben, John and the crew. Thankfully this was a planned visit as part of the children’s learning into “people who help us”

The children all had the opportunity to climb up into the cab and see where the firefighters get changed. They were shown the amazing thermal imaging camera and all the other equipment that might be needed in an emergency, including the huge ladders that went very high indeed!

The children were very impressed by the protective clothing and Ben and John explained how they need to wear special big black boots to protect their feet from falling debris.  They saw the flashing blue lights and heard the siren, but the best bit was when the children had a go with the hose; they had to try to aim the water to put out a pretend fire which was great fun.

On a more serious note, Ben and John taught the children the emergency services number to call and gave them some homework; they have to learn their addresses so that if they ever have to call 999 they can tell the operator where the help is needed.

A huge thank you to our firefighters for giving up their time to create such a memorable experience for our Pre-Prep.