On Friday, Year 6 visited Pre-Prep to see the Reception children perform The Billy Goats Gruff and to read fairy tales together afterwards.  Mrs Parkin and Mrs Garwood (Reception teachers) proudly presented the pupils’ performance to Year 6, who were enchanted by it. The children used Pre-Prep benches for the bridge and the goats and the troll under the bridge were brought to life with fabulous masks and dramatic actions (many thanks to our Head of Drama, Mary Alderson, for her assistance and coaching).

Afterwards, all the children enjoyed a cosy time on beanbags reading fairy tales and admiring the pictures in the books which Year 6 had brought with them to share with Reception. It was lovely to see Reception lapping up the words read by our Year 6 pupils, who were absolutely fantastic buddies and role models for the little ones!

What a lovely way for Year 6 to end a tough week of tests – winding down in their onesies with a fairy tale or two!

Thank you to all for a most enjoyable morning.

Emily Platt

For the photos from this morning please click here