We began the new decade in Life Skills considering our dreams and goals for the future.  From our Reception classes all the way up to Year 6 we have looked at both small goals for the immediate future and potential career options.  Year 5 have researched different salaries and have been amazed by how much their favourite footballer earns per week in comparison to other careers. The concept of Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, earning thousands of pounds per second was difficult to grasp and the children differed in opinions as to whether it is ‘right’ or not!  As well as their own futures they will continue to consider the dreams of others in different countries and will challenge the stereotype that children from poorer countries do not share the same goals.


The older pupils have been thinking about the skills they need for their futures.  They have looked at core transferable skills, such as listening and communication, and how to manage their money.  Year 7s have identified their own money personality – are they Money Stars? Penny-wise-but pound-foolish? Or just Oblivious?  Perhaps they are all Money Experts?! They have found ways to be more sensible with their money.  Year 8s looked at bank account jargon and how interest works to their favour or their detriment.  We have some budding entrepreneurs in our midst!


This week has been the perfect example of Life Skills spilling out of the classroom and into all areas of school life as we have highlighted the issues of children’s mental health by supporting Place2be’s ‘Find Your Brave’ week.  Our Prep school assembly on Monday asked children to consider small steps of bravery that can be taken every day as we take on various challenges in our day to day lives.  Form tutors have developed these ideas in our form times, by giving the children more food for thought with inspirational quotes and videos where children and adults have ‘Found their Brave’.  Tuesday’s Pirate assembly kick-started the Brave theme in the Pre-Prep, where all the children were invited to help Year 1 on their Pirate quest to ‘Find their Brave’ too … Ooh-arrrr!  Maisie Monkey stickers all round for those who were courageous enough!  Our work on mental health in Life Skills lessons continues after half term, with Year 7 and 8 pupils learning about coping strategies in Life Skills lesson.


Life Skills now incorporates religious understanding and Year 6 have been learning about Sikhism.  They have been put to the test with memory challenges whilst jumping on one leg; they have impressive memories and are quick with their answers if it means they get to stop hopping!  The Seniors are now looking at places in the world which are significant for different religions and also what religions teach about our care of Planet Earth.  I am looking forward to seeing some more presentations as the children feedback their findings to their peers next week.


Louise Payne