Year 4 had a wonderful day at Dungeness Power Station on Monday.  It was a horrible wet day which made it even more atmospheric! When we arrived we had to go through strict security and Mr Newman and I even had to show our passports to prove who we were!  We then got kitted up with high visibility jackets, hard hats with ear defenders, goggles and security tags.  We certainly looked the part.  No cameras, phones, fit bits or anything electrical was allowed in and we had to scan ourselves in and out.

It was a very busy place, with many people working hard, and it was huge.  We actually saw the nuclear generator and learnt how it all worked.  The children listened very carefully and impressed the ladies with their knowledge.  After lunch the children completed a quiz using their learnt knowledge and the information from the visitor centre.  They then took part in a STEM activity, building a tower that would support a golf ball.  Team work made the dream work!  Lastly we went for a breezy walk along the beach.  A very good day and a great experience.


Louise Barrett