All the EYFS department joined together with their amazing dragons for our Woodland march. The weather was very kind and the sun shone down as the children created the longest dragon we have ever seen! They all re-enacted the story of ‘The Great Race’, with the children being different animals and ‘splashing’ across the river safely to the other side.

Later in the week the Early Years worked together like Billy Bee to continue their Chinese New Year celebrations. The children from Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception were divided into groups and rotated around the classrooms where different activities had been set up. As well as being collaborative, the children were also brave like Maisie Monkey when they tried new foods such as prawn crackers and Chinese noodles.

When the children visited Miss Bidwell’s classroom they made paper rats to represent the Year of the Rat. Mrs Wolford was cooking Chinese rice and noodles as well as encouraging the children to try the prawn crackers – correctly identified by one child as “smelling like fish”; it is safe to say there were mixed reactions!

In Mrs Garwood’s classroom the children painted plates with bright colours before sticking on tissue paper shapes. We worked together to make these into a large dragon. The children also used chopsticks to separate the noodles from the topping. Finally with Mrs Parkin Chinese drums were created and decorated with Chinese characters carefully copied over. Arlo G made a particularly good attempt at his, concentrating like Ollie Owl to get all of the strokes in the right direction.

Gong hei fat choy to all our children and families.