Bede’s Galactic Challenge, Saturday 18th January

David, Umi, Henry, Isabelle, Sofia, Honor and I arrived at Bede’s after a long bus journey and we sat down in a hall with about fifteen other schools. We were separated into groups and told that we would be representing futuristic space tourism companies. Our aim was to design a hotel on the moon set in 2069 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Our group was called Hyperion and we would be designing all the components, how they would work and how much everything would cost. We got straight to work in our group which was led by a nominated CEO and President. Everyone had their own area that they would take charge of – I oversaw acquisition of crops. We would be communicating with everyone in our group so that all the components of our base would work together.

After our morning session of planning, we went to lunch and met up with all the other groups to compare our progress. We then came back to create a slide on PowerPoint on the area we oversaw. Mr Borrows and teachers from other schools came around the rooms and found out how we were getting on at different points in the day. We nominated ten people to present our company and ideas to an audience of parents and five judges. We would also answer any questions from the judges on any of our ideas. After watching all the other companies present, we went up on stage in front of around 100 people and spoke about our ideas and how much they would cost. Every company was really creative and came up with amazingly original ideas, so no two presentations were the same, which made finding out how other companies approached the task really interesting. In the end, Solaris Flight Systems won, but it was a great experience and a fun day. I would recommend it!

Report by Honor F, 7B