Well what a week it has been in Reception. We started the week with a crime scene. Someone had pushed all our Humpties off the wall that we had built!  We all wrote down our ideas of who it may have been and it was wonderful hearing all the children’s ideas. This was part of a wider opportunity to share many childhood nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

We are working on rhyme and have explored trying to change the Humpty’s rhyme using our own rhyming words. It was very hard. We did finally work out who had pushed Humpty off the wall – it was Mrs Stenton! She had accidentally knocked Humpty whilst getting into the loft with the ladder. So, no crime was committed in the end!

We had a great Woodland learning session where we explored different materials. We worked in groups to wrap up Humpty in protective clothing and throw him off the wall. They all did really well – Humpty only had a very small crack!  In maths, we have been working on mastering our numbers up to ten, ordering and sequencing.  The week ended with a nursery rhyme party in the hall, with lots of games and fabulous fancy dress costumes. The Muffin Man helped us make muffins and we finished our Swedish drinks from last term.