Having the chance to spend more time in the Pre-Prep has been a wonderful addition to my job since the beginning of the term and it has meant the variety of things that I encounter each day has certainly increased! I have been able to get into all the classrooms regularly to see what is on offer and how the learning at the very start of each child’s journey at Vinehall helps to develop their personality and interests.

This week has demonstrated to me why we have such a diverse and individual pupil body, as the sheer scale of opportunity is enormous. On my travels, I have encountered the following: Nursery rhyme day (with costumes!); creation of pirate galleons; dyeing of Jolly Rogers; writing postcards to our visiting pirate, Jill Sparrow; making catapults; dragon investigations; Harriet the Cow; pitching notes in Music; awe-inspiring conversations about space and, perhaps most terrifyingly, live Madagascan hissing Cockroaches.

The children have loved it (as have I!) I hope they all now get an opportunity for a restful weekend so they can do it all again on Monday.

Dom Britt


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