On Thursday 9th November, Year 8 were given a presentation by Elevate Education called ‘Memory Mnemonics’. Our presenter taught us many useful techniques and gave us advice in order to help us to revise for the upcoming exams.

The three key messages of the talk were remembering information through attention, storage and retrieval. When we are revising, the best way to pay attention is to have phones off, noise controlled and to sit alone at a clean desk. Also, we require a healthy internal environment. For example, we should be in an active state of learning by exercising before a revision session, we should have short breaks between sessions and we shouldn’t try to multitask.

Secondly, on the topic of storage, our presenter taught us three methods: peg words, the mental journey and substitute word method. They all involve linking revision material with personal things in order to make them easier to remember. The substitute word method involves linking stories with meanings, which I thought stood out as the most helpful storage technique as the funnier or weirder the stories were, the more useful they were.

Finally, on the method of retrieval, we were taught to test ourselves regularly. Our presenter told us that there were two types of memory: recall and recognise. Recall is when you remember something immediately, whereas recognition is when we remember something after a bit of prompting. In an exam scenario we need to make sure all information is in our recall memory and the best way to be sure of this is to keep testing oneself before the exam.

Personally, I found the presentation very helpful. In the lead up to my exams, I think these techniques will be useful and hopefully add a few marks to my total score!

Report by Nathan L, 8PB