We were delighted to welcome Matthew Van Grutten of Flinch (Negotiation and Communication Training) to Vinehall on Tuesday for a public speaking workshop for Years 7&8.  Pupils spent all morning receiving excellent tips on how to structure a successful speech with an interesting introduction to gain attention; limiting key points but providing evidence; the importance of eye contact and pauses; being yourself but with volume and clarity; and the importance of notes and proper research.  Matt showed clips of good speakers and bad, powerful openings and dire; and entertained our older pupils with his humour and wealth of experience.  All children had an opportunity to work in teams and gave some excellent short talks on a variety of topics to much hilarity and useful feedback.

All pupils will be using English lessons and prep time to work on their own speeches; selected finalists will then deliver their chosen topic on Friday 31st January 2020 at 6.30pm in the Chaplin Theatre.  We do hope parents, friends and the rest of their peers will support their brave efforts.  We are very grateful to Matt who will return to hear the speeches, give feedback and reward the winning team.