‘The Gift of the Nile’ –  Ancient Egypt – A talk by Mr Ken Brooks

What a fabulous first day back! Firstly, Frankie appeared with some of her great, great, great aunt’s treasures from Egypt to show us. Then they learnt about the importance of the River Nile in Egypt nowadays, as well as 5000 years ago. Paper palm trees and square based pyramids were enthusiastically constructed.  After lunch we were all transfixed by a fascinating slide show about everyday life in Ancient Egyptian times given by Ken Brooks, a local historian and geologist. At the end of his talk the children all handled artefacts he had kindly brought with him. Mr Brooks told them that although he could not take 3E to Egypt, he had ‘brought a little of Egypt’ to them; they all touched some desert sand from near the pyramids, imagining those pharaohs who may very well have trodden on those same grains many years ago.

Thank you Mr Brooks for sharing your knowledge and well done 3E for being so inquisitive and reflective on your first day back!

Carina Everist