Amongst the excitement of Maths week, Year 5 and 6 all had the opportunity to challenge their mathematical problem solving skills in the annual Primary Maths Challenge.  In its 20th anniversary year the children had to solve a variety of problems on number, shape and logic.  One example was:

What is the smallest possible number of children in a family, if each child has at least one brother and at least one sister?

All the children showed tremendous perseverance and thought when tackling the questions.  Congratulations to Hugo E, Clara F and Lucy P for gaining a Gold certificate.  Lorcan G, Seren W, Faris A, Iciar MRR, Eloise LH, Elizabeth H and Alfie C for gaining a Silver certificate.  Kenisha N, Arthur P, Elizabeth G, Grace W, Henry P, Monty G, May A, Hannah Q, Albert G, James L and Milo P for gaining a Bronze certificate.

In the Mangahigh online competition that ran throughout Maths week, only two students reached the magic target of 150 medal points set by the website.  Sebastian B and Charlie P both succeeded in this, spending an incredible amount of time practising their Maths skills to do so.  They are eagerly anticipating the imminent arrival of their medals.  Across the school the children amounted 66 hours and 25 minutes completing Maths tasks during Maths week.  Well done!

Alison Tripp