EAL Trip to the Tower of London

On Tuesday Louise Payne and I took the EAL children on a cultural trip to the Tower of London.  Danny and George kindly dropped us off at Robertsbridge station, where we took the train to London Bridge.  From there we took a very pleasant but chilly walk to the Tower, crossing over the amazing Tower Bridge.

To avoid any queues we went straight to see The Crown Jewels but on the way the children stopped to look at the sentries; they couldn’t believe they were real people because they were so still!  The Crown Jewels left them overawed and we all decided we’d like to own some similar jewels!  The next stop was The Fusiliers’ Museum, where they took delight in trying on a soldier’s 80kg backpack.

Next was the Torture Chamber, where the children were horrified by the barbaric punishments. Rumbling tummies meant it was time for our packed lunches, preceded by a photo opportunity with a very jolly Yeoman Warder.

On to the battlements above Traitors’ Gate, where we were also able to get a great view of The Ravens and their lodgings.  Finally, we walked over to The White Tower, finishing at the top with some enjoyable interactive activities.

After an extremely delightful day we made our way back to the station, stopping only for ice-creams and hot chocolates.

I was immensely proud of the children’s excellent behaviour; they were a credit to our Vinehall community.

Annabel Newcomb