This week it was the turn of the girls to travel to St Andrew’s school in Eastbourne for their annual cup competition.

With competitors from Bede’s, Brighton College and, of course, St Andrew’s the Vinehall girls knew they would have to put in some gigantic performances to win back the cup that was “lost” last year.

As the races went on we knew it was going to be a close run thing; no team appeared to be stand out winners.  After some extremely good swimming by all the girls involved, it was time to hear the individual year group results:

The U9s came 2nd in their year group and the U10s came 4th. Then came the news that the U11s and U12s had won gold in their respective years. With the U13s getting silver, the parents (and Mr Guy) were frantically totting up the points and implications.

As the fourth and third place were announced our girls collectively held hands as well as their breath. Then a huge cheer erupted as the second place was announced and with it the realisation that it was gold for Vinehall!

Captain Freda H made her way through the crowd of swimmers to collect the cup and raised it up to the delight of the Vinehall squad, parents and the wonderful Mr Guy.  Well done to you all for such a great team performance.